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Customer Personas


An introduction to personas and how to create and use them to better connect with your target customers

The Toronto Attractions Council invited us to give a keynote presentation at one of their monthly meetings. TAC is an alliance of over seventy entertainment, education, recreation, and cultural organizations including the Royal Ontario Museum, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto Symphony Orchestra, CN Tower, Hockey Hall of Fame, Evergreen Brickworks, Harbourfront Centre and many more. In other words, the best places in Toronto.


The keynote focused on the concept of creating personas to represent and better understand segments of your target audience. By understanding the needs of your audience, it is possible to identify and design the services and features that support customers with different goals. The results are a better experience for the customer and a more engaged user for your business.


The presentation was an introductory exploration of the topic explaining what personas are, the benefits of using personas, and practical steps towards creating and using them. Following the presentation, I really enjoyed the ensuing dialog with the audience, learning more about their business and challenges connecting with their customers.


You can flip through the presentation below.

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